Tuesday, February 2, 2016

TH8 War Base 2016

This TH8 War Base is definitely one of the best base that I have ever seen during my time with Town Hall 8, since the Lava Hound update (June 2014). This base was designed by Jack from Clan Dragon Dominator. This base has lots of new features I think all TH8 should have in the features:
  • Anti Dragons.
  • Anti GoWiPe.
  • Anti Hog Riders.
  • Anti Lava Hounds.

TH8 War Base and Its Feature

As you can see in the screenshot above, in this base layout, the Air Sweeper can easily force the attackers to attack from the bottom. Why?
  • Most Town Hall 8 players don't want to attack from the side that gets protected by the Air Sweeper since they don't usually meet them in Clan Wars. Only TH9 players and above don't scare this much.
  • Since they usually attack from the bottom (or the North) of the base, they will always be failed. Why? Because, please take a deep look at the image above, there are lots of traps there, which can stop any Hogs and Dragon Attack!

This page can always stop all Dragons and Balloons attacks because these features:
  • Since Air Defenses are the most important buildings in air raids, all ADs in this base are protected by all high HP Storages: Elixir Storages, Gold Storages and Dark Elixir Storage. Also, Dark Barracks with decent HP are also used as the shield outside.
  • Barbarian King can lure all enemies to the core and help core defensive buildings kill them faster and easier.
  • Centralized Air Defenses can't be taken out with ease. If the enemies want to destroy it, they need to bypass all other buildings.
  •  The most exposed Air Defenses are protected by Air Traps and Seeking Air Mine.
  • The Archer Tower can cover the whole base, along side with the Mortars.
For the full version of this base, you can visit this page: http://cocland.com/base-layouts/th8-war-base-kyoukai
Enjoy guys! I hope you will like this base!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

The only way to break any TH8 War Base in Clan Wars!

Welcome to the page where it portrays models of how to assemble your TH9 War Bases. With regards to Building a TH9 war base, you'll be amaze at the way that the initial couple of structures you've put down as of now can demonstrate how well your base will do and how well your base won't do. With regards to building a base, for novices or for those that need to progress, there have been various event which individuals whine with the way that their base regardless of the amount they attempt to change their configuration, it generally winds up looking to some degree symmetrical, or roundabout shape, as opposed to being a Dragon kilter. On the off chance that you take a gander at my [War Base Reality Check] Page, you can see the way that run #5, ALL of these bases have comparative structure, why would that be? The reason is a direct result of the way that, the "Models" of beginning the base as of now commit what the deciding results will be. This page is a short clarification clarifying the two unique models of war, and what the past model was and how you ought to maintain a strategic distance from this, and what the new model is, the thing that you ought to adjust. This page just clarifies the models, while another page will disclose how to begin another model.

With regards to building a base, the most imbued model of 'how to begin' building. they first begin with a unified Clan Castle, in light of the fact that since the start of base building, brought together Clan Castles have been such a vital part to how bases are constructed. Be that as it may, as this date, with the innovation of toxic substance spells and different methods of buffing and new assault procedures, tribe palace troops no more have as large of an effect contrasted with some time recently. Taking a gander at this picture, you can see the way that subsequent to incorporating the faction mansion, the building then spotlights on building something around the group manor, which typically winds up with X-bow>>Double Giant Bombs>>Air Defenses.

With regards to the Current 'TH9 Model' of base outlining, you can see the way that it takes after the 30% Queen, 70% AD proportion. Take a gander at any current solid bases which are being utilized by the top level elites and you would see the way that most bases take after the 30-70 proportion. Why is this proportion so great? Perused a little more in my [Offset Clash of Clans Archer Queen] Guide, however the fact of the matter is the venture expense of having Queen with just 30% of the guards permit the foe a hard choice with regards to Queen Killing. In the event that they Aim for the Queen Kill, their swine squad will for the most part need to manage that staying 70% of the base which is troublesome, as the King/Golem are caught in the Queen Area. It's about the speculation and the trade between the resistances and offense. In the event that they went Golem Heroes into the 70%, they would need to contribute alot of ground troops and most likely be not able get the Queen, which is a solid obscure variable which assailants aren't willing to take.

Thanks for reading. I hope after reading this small guide, you will know what is the best way to deal with any TH8 War Base!

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